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Bouncers, Rockers & Swings

It starts out as an infant seat or rocker with a low-profile frame, very appropriate for newborns. T..

₦ 32,000.0

Removable toy bar with dangling raccoon spinner and baby deer clacker ring toysMachine-washable seat..

₦ 23,000.0

Use from infant to toddler—up to 40 lbs (18 kg)!Fold-out kickstand & reclining seat for feeding ..

₦ 19,000.0

The gentle vibration and fun play time toys are sure to keep baby entertained! Features: Cradl..

₦ 16,000.0

Seat can rock back and forth to soothe or can be set to a fixed position, great for small babies and..

₦ 23,500.0

This bright and playful bouncer will keep baby comfortably cradled and entertained. The playful pi..

₦ 14,000.0

Get busy relaxing (and playing) with Baby's Bouncer! The seat gently bounces in response to baby's..

₦ 16,000.0

Soothing and entertaining for baby, and a modern new design for mom. This sleek-looking bouncer's ..

₦ 23,000.0

Sweet dreams become a reality when baby snuggles into this plush, deluxe bouncer seat. Soothe-till..

₦ 25,000.0

Your baby can relax in comfort and style with this chic bouncer, which offers state-of-the-art, sm..

₦ 18,000.0

PlasticImportedAdorable bunny print rocker with a snap-in toy barFeatures an infant rocker with a fo..

₦ 19,000.0

It starts out as an infant seat or rocker with bat-at entertainment overhead. Then, as your chil..

₦ 28,500.0

The Kiddopotamus safari so good puppeteer bouncer is the first bouncer seat that engages both baby..

₦ 21,000.0

Use from infant to toddler (up to 40 pound/18 kg)Convenient feeding, playing or resting space for ba..

₦ 28,500.0

A seat for play, a seat for feeding, a seat for rest—and it grows with baby! Bat-at toys keep baby..

₦ 19,000.0
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