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Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bags, 5 oz 40 Count

  • Product Code: 211003

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₦ 7,000.0

Evenflo Feeding's Advanced Milk Storage Bags are perfect for collecting, storing and freezing your precious breast milk. Our eco-friendly bags have 30 percent less material, reducing waste. They are made from a durable, high-density military grade material for extra strength, but are thinner for quicker freeze and thaw times. The special design and wider seams allow for a stable, self-standing position when filling. Our SafeZip dual track zipper helps to ensure your milk is sealed securely for storing. The perforated, tear-off top creates a convenient pour spout when transferring milk from bag to bottle. Our bags also include adapter holes that easily attach to most standard neck breast pump adapters. We are honored to support you on your breastfeeding journey.

  • Highly durable military-grade material, wider side seals for enhanced strength
  • 30 percent less material for quicker freeze and thaw
  • SafeZip dual-track zipper keeps precious milk safe and secure
  • Pump directly into bags with adapters (not included)
  • Gusseted bottom for stable upright position
  • Tear-off top creates convenient pour spout

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